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Auvi Unveils Skype Dualphone

St. Louis – VoIP hardware maker Auvi Electronics announced a dual mode cordless phone for use with Skype’s PC VoIP service today.

The PHIP65 connects to a PC via USB for Skype calls and a landline. The phone uses DECT/1.9GHz technology and is expandable up to four handsets.

The handsets feature a speakerphone, caller ID, three-way calling, call transfer and differentiated ring tones to identify Skype and landline calls. Skype contacts are displayed on the unit’s LCD display and the phone offers 10 hours of talk time and 120 hours of standby power.

The PHIP65 is shipping this month for a suggested $129. Accessory handsets will be on the market in mid-December for a suggested $79.