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Auto Page Readies C3 Update

Torrance, Calif. — Auto Page plans to release in three months an upgrade to its C3, the first device that lets you track your car and its functions using most cellular phones. 

While the original C3 required the user purchase a separate Auto Page security system, the new C3 Plus operates on a stand-alone basis to provide basic tracking and convenience features and can work with any aftermarket car security system to add more services, said Oliver Grunhold engineering and operations VP.

The C3 Plus lets you see your car’s location on your cellphone. It lets you unlock your doors remotely from anywhere you have cellphone service and remotely arm and disarm your factory security system. With an additional security and remote start system, you can receive a text notification if your vehicle is moved. Users can also check their fuel level, or check the temperature of the car after a remote start.

The C3 sets up an icon-driven menu that resides on the user’s cellphone so that the phone acts a two-way remote commander, said Auto Page.

GPS tracking features include geo-fencing or instant notification if the vehicle leaves a predetermined geographic boundary, and speed alerts if the car travels over a preset speed limit (for monitoring teens). It can also show a tracking history of the car’s whereabouts from the user’s cellphone.

The new C3 Plus is expected to carry a price similar to the current C3, which sells at a suggested $499 including a year’s free service. If a user has a data plan for the phone, no service fees are required. Otherwise the service charge is approximately $150/year after the first year.

Auto Page also began shipping a new combo alarm/remote-start system on Wednesday that can work with the C3. It sports a newly designed remote two-way transmitter with a chrome finish and has a larger color LCD screen. The C3-RS730LCD has a suggested retail of $499.


— the first device that lets you track your car and its functions using most cellular phones.