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Auris Turns Docking Speakers Into AirPlay, DLNA Speakers

Santa Clara, Calif. – Start-up Auris launched an adapter that turns older iPod/iPhone/iPad-docking speakers into Wi-Fi-enabled AirPlay and DLNA speakers.

The $89 Skye Wi-Fi music receiver plugs into a docking speaker’s 30-pin Apple connector, though not into newer docking speakers with Apple’s eight-pin Lightning connector.

The device enables the docking speakers to stream music via a home Wi-Fi network from computers and Android, Apple and Windows-based smartphones and tablets.

The company also markets a $49 Bluetooth 4.0 receiver that likewise docks with a docking speaker’s 30-pin connector and also to a speaker’s 3.5mm aux in. Other companies offer similar Bluetooth adapters.

Auris launched discounted preorders through Kickstarter and plans December shipments direct to consumers from its own website.

 The device can be added to a Wi-Fi network via a free Skye control app

The adapter features built-in DAC and will be available in three colors.