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Audiovox Unveils Range of Home, Car Products

Las Vegas – Audiovox today
unveiled a variety of new mobile, home and portable electronics products.

Audiovox is
also showing its newly redesigned Prestige series of remote-start and security

 For the home, the company unveiled its first iPad-docking
tabletop speaker systems, a USB/stereo-Bluetooth speaker system for docking and
playing non-Apple mobile devices, five USB charging products, the company’s
first two personal sound amplifiers to help consumers hear better, and a
200Mbps powerline-network adapter for connection to Internet-enabled TVs and
Blu-ray players.

For portable
use, the company is showing four portable DVD players, including a portable
Blu-ray unit and models with internal ATSC-M/H over-the-air tuning.

OE-look head units:

the automotive side, Audiovox last year launched its first two OE-look
nav-equipped infotainment head units, one for the Toyota Corolla and one for
the Toyota Camry. Both come with touchscreens and Bluetooth. This year,
Audiovox is bringing these features to nine more OE-look head units and
announcing its intention to deliver
another eight to 10 more
such units before
the third quarter of 2011. All OE-look models are targeted to the expediter

 The OE-look models here at CES consist of a
universal double-DIN model
for any vehicle with a double-DIN dash opening, a model for multiple Volkswagen
models, a Honda
Civic model, a Honda
CRV model, a Hyundai
Sonata model, a Hyundai
Santa Fe model, a
Toyota Highlander model, a Toyota
RAV4 model, a GM model for multiple GM vehicles, and a GM model for multiple
GM vehicles with a factory Bose system.

All offer the same features, including built-in navigation with Navteq maps
of the U.S. and Canada
(except for the universal model, which features only U.S. TeleAtlas maps) , built-in Parrot Bluetooth, high-resolution
touchscreens in 7- and 8-inch sizes, Made
for iPod and iPhone capability,
XM-ready control of an outboard XM satellite-radio tuner, and three-year warranty. 

car speakers:

For the retail aftermarket, Audiovox is launching its first
new Jensen speakers in years. They’re targeted to the retail aftertmarket,
including  select authorized on-line
retailers. Audiovox has continued to market Jensen speakers despite the lack of
new products, but this year the company is looking to gain share with eight
coaxial and Tri-axial speaker sizes starting at promotional prices on up.

 The Revolution series deliver high power
handling with controlled response that delivers sonic nuance and clarity, a
spokesman said. Each
speaker features
a nitrile-rubber surround for maximum
excursion and linearity, a vented pole piece and spider for better heat
carbonate tweeters, polypropylene woofers, and continuous power handling ranging
from 20-400 watts with peak power handling of 60- 1,000 watts. They also feature
mechanical damping.

 They feature an aggressive look described as “something between a snarl and a
smile” with dynamic
angles, piano-black finish and high-gloss red center.

“No question that Jensen is back
in the speaker business,” said Malone.

 The eight Jensen speakers are the  JRX235 3.5-inch two-way coaxial, JRX240 4-inch
coaxial, JRX246  4 x6-inch coaxial, JRX252 5.25-inch coaxial, JRX357 three-way triaxial for 5×7-inch and  6 x8-inch cutouts, the JRX365 6.5-inch triaxial, the JRX369 6 x9-inch triaxial, and the JRX650 6.5-inch
two-way component speaker system.

 Pricing and ship dates were unavailable at
press time.


Blu-ray player:

The player, shipping
in April at a suggested $349.99,
will assume the Advent name for brand name for the expediter channel and
the Audiovox brand for retail channels. The
company said the time is right for the product because of the penetration of
home Blu-ray players and discs.

player is a single-DIN slot-loading model that mounts in the dash, under a seat
or in the trunk and can be connected to any in-vehicle monitor via its HDMI,
composite or component outputs. The player comes with RF wireless remote whose
range is 18 feet, enabling control over the player even if the player is tucked
away in a storage compartment or under the seat.

The AVDBR1 has been
road-tested to tolerate a vehicle’s harsh environment, the company said. It’s
powered from a two-pin, 12-volt connector to a vehicle’s accessory power
source. A metal bracket can be attached to allow horizontal or vertical mounting.

The player can be mounted
horizontally or vertically, and it features a front-panel iPod/iPhone USB input
to display video stored on the portable devices.

Collision-avoidance backup system:

A collision-avoidance backup
system, unlike other
back-up systems, combines a camera system with audible alerts of stationary and
moving objects, including pedestrians, behind a vehicle. With other systems,
Audiovox said, consumers had to buy separate camera and sensor systems.

The CAM430MV camera system will
be available around July at a suggested $299 for the Audivox-branded
retail-channel version. An Advent-branded version for the expediter channel
will also be available at that time.

The camera can be connected to
any LCD screen, including a factory-installed navigation screen. On the screen,
the system displays a color box around a moving or stationary object or person
while also emitting an audible alert. The onscreen boxes change color as the
vehicle gets closer to the object, and the beep tone grows more urgent as the
vehicle gets closer. The camera is the company’s first with 180-degree view.

Prestige security:

redesigned Prestige series of remote-start and security products feature systems
with remote operation up to 1 mile, 45- and 60-remote-start minute run times,
and new metal chrome transmitters.

The SS9000 flagship is a
two-way 900MHz system with up to 1-mile long-range LCD command-confirming
remote start, keyless entry and security. Suggested retail is $699.  The SS6900 is a 900MHz system with 1-mile
long-range LCD command-confirming remote start and keyless entry. Suggested
retail is $459. The APS997C is an LCD system confirming remote start, security
and keyless entry system with one-way chrome metal transmitter. Suggested
retail is $529. The Prestige products are available.

Audiovox will also show
its CarLink smartphone remote-start and security interface module, first
previewed at SEMA last fall. Suggested retail is $249 for the module and app.
Likewise, its Code Alarm remote-start and security systems introduced at
Knowledgefest in October will be on display at CES.

Tabletop docking speakers:

 The company’s first
iPad-docking speaker systems appear under the RCA and Acoustic Research brands.

Three models dock with iPads, iPhones and iPods. They are the $129.99-suggested
ARS35i, due in March, and $99.99 ARS30i, due in the spring. The RCA model is
the $79.99 RC200i, also due in the spring. All feature FM tuner.

The ARS35i adds motorized rotating arm ti turn the iPad into
portrait or landscape mode. Both AR models also feature video output.

The AR models and the RCA model also offer free app to stream
live weather alerts/forecasts and wake to music, sports information, or news
stations. The app also syncs the dock’s time with the time on a docked
iPad/iPhone, and it enables voice and clap commands to turn off the system and
snooze the alarm.

The ARS30i iPad dock cradles the
iPad vertically. It also features LCD display, clock, aux input, video output,
and remote control.

 The RCA-brand iPad dock, the RC2001, enables
viewing in portrait or landscape mode. Pricing was unavailable.

Two other iPad-docking speaker
systems meant only for iPad use are the AR-branded ARS20i at a suggested $79.99
and the $39.99 ARS13i. The ARS20i features FM tuner and dual-wake alarm. It
ships in April. The ARS13i ships in the spring.

For users of other brands of
tablets and smartphones, the Acoustic Research ARS15 at a suggested $69.99
ships in May with USB charging port and stereo Bluetooth.

 In other speaker-dock announcements under the
RCA and AR brands, Audiovox is launching multiple iPod/iPhone-docking clock
radios with a free app that streams live weather alerts/forecasts and enables
waking to music, sports or news stations. The app also syncs the docks’ time
with the time on a docked iPhone/iPod clock’s time, and it provides
voice-activated or clap command of the off and snooze functions. The RCA models
are the RC160i, RC170i, and RC180i, and the AR model is the ARS10i. All are due
in the spring.

Portable video:

This year the company
plans 12 new portable DVD players, which have been revamped with such
feature-rich models as a 10-inch Blu-ray Disc units, two units that include
ATSC-M/H mobile digital TV tuners, a dual-screen tablet-style PDVD player,
swivel screens, extended battery life of up to six hours and media device

Flagship models include the DBD2018 (shipping in April at $400)
10-inch Blu-ray PDVD player with four-hour battery charge life and headrest
mounting bag.

USB charging:

new RCA-branded USB charging products priced from a suggested $14.99 to $24.99
and a $29.99 iPad/iPhone/iPod pin charging cradle are on tap.

 One product is the $24.99 RCA PCHSTAB2
charging cradle, which comes with two USB ports for charging two non-Apple
smartphones or one tablet. The $29.99 RCA PCHSTAB1 cradle is designed for the
30-pin connectors of iPhones, iPod and iPads. 
Both ship in May.

 Also new is a $14.99 RCA RC107 clock radio
with built-in USB charger, due in April.

Personal sound amplifiers:

Promoted as affordable solutions for people with mild-to-moderate hearing loss,
the RCA Symphonix at $299 and $349 Acoustic Research APSA 15 ship in April and
May, respectively.

Powerline networking:

$129.99-suggested RCA-brand Powerlink Internet Media Kit is a 200Mbps
powerline-network adapter for connection to Internet-enabled TVs and Blu-ray
players. It consists of two sender/receiver units. One plugs into an electrical
outlet near a TV or Blu-ray player and connects via Ethernet cable to the TV or
Blu-ray player. The other plugs into an electrical outlet near a broadband