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AT&T Rolls Out New CallVantage Features

Bedminster, N.J. — AT&T updated the calling features on its VoIP calling service, CallVantage, with a new “Plus” plan, a number of a la carte offerings and several free upgrades to its existing residential IP telephony calling plans.

CallVantage Plus service gives users the ability to manage up to nine sub-accounts with unique telephone numbers for each account and the ability to configure features like Do Not Disturb and Locate Me. Each account receives a call log and personal voicemail. It cost $7.49 per additional user above the monthly subscription fee for CallVantage.

A new Call Filtering features offers the ability to direct calls based on who is calling for a monthly charge of $1.99. A Record & Send lets users record a message and deliver it to as many as 20 separate phone numbers. After an initial free trial period ending in February, the service will cost $.49 per use.

No charge services were also added to AT&T’s service including fax and modem support, and a Safe Forward Number feature that automatically activates a prescribed location to deliver calls to whenever there is an interruption in service, such as when a power outage occurs. This feature is currently available only to customers using a D-Link 1120 TA connected directly to a modem.

The company also added a Phone Book Import/Export that synchronizes up to 250 names to Microsoft Outlook and Palm handhelds and has redesigned its Internet home page.