AT&T Launches Its First Mobile Hot Spot

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Dallas - AT&T will join other major cellular carriers in the mobile hot spot market with the Nov. 21 launch of the Novatel-made

MiFi 2372

, which runs on the carrier's 7.2Mbps HSPA 3G data network.

The device will be available at AT&T-owned stores nationwide or on the carrier's web site at $49.99 with two-year commitment to any of AT&T's Laptop Connect data plans and after $100 mail-in rebate, which takes the form of a promotion card.

The MiFi will simultaneously connect up to five Wi-Fi-equipped mobile devices to the Internet, including laptops, tablets, the iPod Touch, and portable game players .

The device's OS also delivers browser-based downloading of widgets to add such apps as data-usage tracking, SMS, as well as GPS-enabled location-based widgets, including GeoSearch and GeoWeather. It features embedded GPS and built-in microSDHC slot for storage capacity up to 32GB.

Verizon Wireless offers mobile 3G hot spots, and Sprint and Clear offer 3G/4G mobile hot spots. T-Mobile doesn't offer a dedicated mobile hot spot, but T-Mobile and its three major rivals offer smartphones with embedded hot spots.


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