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ATM Shows Its Cool

Denver — Active Thermal Management (ATM) is debuting at CEDIA Expo its new Cool-Stack III, a one-unit high, hot air exhaust system for A/V stacks.

With four 120mm fans and a depth of 18 inches, the Cool-Stack III can pull up to 70 cubic feet per minute of hot air out of tightly packed racks while generating very low noise levels, according to an ATM spokesman who explained that heated air is normally exhausted through the perforated front panel, but exhaust fittings and tubing provided with the ATM unit can move the hot air safely away if the rack is located in a closet or cabinet.

The Cool-Stack III is temperature controlled, switching from a constant, very low “idle” speed, suitable for removing stand-by heat generated by components such as cable boxes and satellite receivers, to full speed as rack temperature changes. Internal movable jumpers are set during installation to satisfy the requirements of a particular installation.

“Cool-stack III fits in nicely between our smaller Cool-Stack I and the larger Cool-Stack II, giving us a complete line of rack-mounted ventilating systems,” said Frank Federman, ATM president. “It is a flexible, compact solution for the midsize rack and heat load.”

It is available now at a suggested retail of $450.