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Atlantic Debuts System 8200e Speaker Line

Atlantic Technology is introducing its System 8200e speaker line during International CES this week in South Hall 1, booth 21666, Renaissance 15.

This is an improved version of the company’s THX Ultra2 certified System 8200. The new flagship system offers the same high-end performance as its predecessor at a significantly lower price point, thanks to simplified cosmetics and configuration options, the company said.

The System 8200e is designed for multi-channel music and movies, and features permanently attached side panels in a gloss-black finish. The system is designed to integrate with one or more of the company’s powerful 642e SB THX subwoofers, Atlantic said.

The 8200e LR speakers feature a revised cabinet shape and pedestal system that presents a less imposing aesthetic presence in smaller theater rooms. The speaker’s optional pedestal is now 10 inches shorter than the previous version, lowering the 8200e LR tweeter to a more optimal height for most listening positions, and further contributing to the reduction in the speaker’s perceived size, the firm said.

The 8200e C three-way center channel speaker maintains integrates fixed, gloss-black side panels. Atlantic’s engineers have made a subtle alteration to the 8200e C crossover network, contributing to a slightly smoother and more detailed character in the lower midrange band that is important for dialogue reproduction, the company said.

The 8200e SR speakers remain essentially unchanged from the system 8200 versions.

The Atlantic Technology System 8200e speakers will be available in the first quarter with a gloss-black finish. Suggested retail price begins at $10,000 for a 5.1-channel system. The THX-certified 642eSB subwoofer has a suggested retail price of $1,000 in satin-black finish.