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Atlantic Active Soundbar Delivers 47Hz Bass

Norwood, Mass. – Atlantic Technology shipped an active soundbar that incorporates H-PAS technology to deliver bass down to 47Hz without a separate subwoofer.

The 43-inch-wide PowerBar 235 retails for a suggested $899.

 H-PAS, which stands for Hybrid Pressure Acceleration System, is promoted as delivering targeted bass performance with 50 percent smaller cabinets, smaller drivers and lower costs. In a soundbar, it eliminates the need for a separate subwoofer, making it appealing to more households and suitable for use in secondary rooms in a home, the company said.

The deep bass response also improves dialog clarity in part because the full range of sound is coming from the front of the listener, whereas most conventional sound bars use a separate subwoofer to deliver audio frequencies less than 150Hz or 200Hz, the company said. These subwoofers, often placed in a corner or behind a sofa, “carry some of the lower registers of human speech,” the company explained. As a result, “these subtle fragments of dialog now arrive at the listener’s ears at the wrong time and from the wrong direction, making the dialog harder to understand.”

The two-way soundbar features 2×40-watt amplification, Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1 decoders, and a technology that delivers a three- or five-channel experience from two-channel and 5.1-channel sources.

H-PAS is the result of a collaborative effort between Atlantic Technology and Solus/Clements Loudspeakers, the company said.