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Antec Ships TruePower Trio

Fremont, Calif. – Antec has released the next generation of its TruePower power supply components for PC upgrade and do-it-yourself consumers.

The TruePower Trio, now shipping, will replace the TruePower 2.0 which has been Antec’s best selling power supply product since its introduction in 2005, the company said. The new version features three 12-volt rails to provide even power distribution and it has a 120mm low-noise cooling fan.

The three-unit line comes in 430-watt, 550-watt and 650-watt power capacities with estimated street prices ranging from $99 to $159. The power units come with four serial ATA power connectors with the two higher end units having two PCI Express power connectors. The entry-level piece has one PCI Express connector.