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AMD Shows Mobile Solutions

Barcelona, Spain — AMD introduced a suite of products designed to deliver better video, gaming and audio to mobile devices at the Mobile World Congress.

The line is centered the Imageon processors. These are intended only for handheld devices and are based on an open standard.

The new line starts with the D160 mobile TV solution, a hardware/software package that enables mobile devices to receive over the air TV broadcasts.

The M210 audio processor is designed to offer OEMs to integrate high definition audio with 100 hours of playback time. The m250 can help increase a cellphone video, audio and photo playback capability to the point where the cellphone will perform as well as a dedicated stand alone device for each of these applications, AMD said.

At the show AMD also showed two graphics cores, the Z180 and Z460. Each can bring a higher level gaming experience to a mobile device, the company said.