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AMD Bows Elite A APUs

Sunnyvale, Calif. — AMD rolled out its Elite A series of accelerated processor units (APUs), formerly code-named Richland.

The new high-end APUs will allow computers to handle gesture and facial recognition, and feature better power management and an overall improved graphics performance, the company said, when compared to AMD’s previous generation of processors.

The processors will also offer AMD Start Now technology that will allow a computer to boot like a tablet, improved AMD Turbo Core technology that enables higher boost frequencies for better peak performance capabilities and support for DirectX 11.

The new software support by the Elite A APUs include:

AMD Face Login, which uses facial-recognition software and a webcam to quickly log a person into browser-based websites;

AMD Gesture Control, which allows the user to use hand movements to control a computer’s media player, browser, e-reader and other software via a webcam; and

AMD Screen Mirror, which wirelessly shares photos, video and web pages between computers and tablets equipped with an Elite A-series APU.