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Altec Adds Game-Console Speaker System

Milford, Pa. – A game-console speaker
system developed by Altec Lansing is one of the industry’s first to take on the
appearance of pro-audio stage monitors to bolster the illusion of performing on
stage when playing Guitar Hero, Rock Band and DJ Hero games.

Altec’s first speaker system designed specifically for game consoles and is the
“first mainstream system designed specifically from the ground up
for use with Guitar Hero and Rock Band,” said senior product manager Don

Stage-Gig, due in stores in early November at a suggested $99.95 each, is a
powered two-way 40-watt speaker that can be daisychained to a second Stage-Gig
to deliver stereo. Consumers connect a cable between the first speaker’s preamp
output to the second speaker to create a stereo stage. A switch configures the
speaker for use as a left-, right- or summed-mono speaker. The second speaker’s
power cord plugs into a power outlet on the back of the first speaker.

speaker features 6.5-inch woofer, 1-inch horn-loaded tweeter and integrated
handle so kids can carry it to a friend’s house. 

In the
past, Altec offered PC speakers focused on PC gamers, Milks