Alpine Ships Wireless Marine Remote

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Torrance, Calif. - Alpine is now shipping one of the industry's first wireless remote controls for marine audio, allowing boaters on the deck to control a stereo in the cabin without running wires through the boat.

The Alpine MC10 commander kit uses an RF transceiver "brain" and one wireless mountable remote control. It works with Alpine's two marine head units â€” iDA-X100M and CDA-9886M â€” letting users remotely search through iPod and satellite-radio selections.  The remote has an LCD screen that displays song and artist information or album information. It can also control volume.

Additional remotes may be added to the system without causing interference as each remote has a unique RF ID, said Alpine.  

The MC10 can withstand water, salt and sun abuse and has an IPx6 water-resistance rating. First shown at International CES in January, it is available at a suggested retail of $230, and additional remotes may be added at $150 each.


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