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Alpine Ships Delayed PND With MSN Direct

Torrance, Calif. — After a one-year delay, Alpine is shipping its first portable GPS to include MSN Direct weather and traffic updates.

The Alpine PND-K3msn also delivers gas-price listings, movie times, news, local event information and stock

price updates, with coverage of 134 metropolitan areas.

The PND comes with a three-month free trial of MSN Direct service. The unit also lets users find addresses on a PC and send them wirelessly to the PND.

The device also offers a feature that retains map directions even if the GPS signal is lost temporarily, as in a tunnel.

Other features include built-in Bluetooth by Parrot, SD card slot, text-to-speech pronunciation of street names, preloaded maps of the full U.S. and Canada and six million points of interest. The PND-K3msn is available now at $299.