Alpine Launches Nav System With 8-Inch Display


Torrance, Calif. - Alpine rolled out its long-awaited INE-Z928HD audio/video/navigation (AVN) system, said to be the first in the car A/V aftermarket with 8-inch screen.

The system, which fits in a standard double-DIN dash opening, can be used with separately sold Perfect FIT (Factory Integration Technology) installation kits whose dash panels deliver an OE-look installation in 20 different vehicle models from multiple models years.

Ten kits fitting into a total of 20 specific vehicle models will be available this year, with several shipping now and the rest due in September. Kits for additional vehicles will be rolled out in 2013.

The kits also feature vehicle-specific wiring harnesses and installation accessories for direct plug-and-play connection between the nav system and factory wiring. The dash panels match the shape, color and texture of a specific vehicle's dash to provide a better-looking alternative to third-party install kits because the Alpine kits are designed to fit only one brand of head unit.

The nav system and select kits shipped in late July. Shipments were originally targeted for May when the system was unveiled at CES.

The system shipped in late July, having initially been targeted for May.

The 2012 kits fit the following vehicles:

KTX-GM8-O, $399

Chevrolet Avalanche, 2007-2012

Chevrolet Silverado (excludes fleet trucks and models with factory radio in upper dash),  2007-2012

Chevrolet Suburban, 2007-2012

Chevrolet Tahoe, 2007-2012

GMC Sierra (excludes fleet trucks and models with factory radio in upper dash), 2007-2012

GMC Yukon, 2007-2012

GMC Yukon XL, 2007-2012

KTX-FPU8, $299

Ford F-150 (without navigation), 2009-Up

KTX-ECP8, $299

Ford Escape, 2008-2012

Mazda Tribute, 2008-2011

Mercury Mariner, 2008-2011

KTX-FUS8, $299

Ford Fusion, 2010-2012

Mrcury Milan, 2010-2011

KTX-MTG8, $599

Ford Mustang, 2010-2012

KTX-CMY8-S, $249

Toyota Camry (non-JBL models), 2012-Up

KTX-PRS8-S, $199

Toyota Prius (excludes C, V, navigation, and JBL models), 2009-2012

KTX-RV48-S, $299

Toyota RAV4 (non-JBL models), 2009-2013

KTX-TCM8-S, $199

Toyota Tacoma (non-JBL models), 2012-Up

KTX-VW8, $249

Volkswagen Jetta, 2011-Up

Volkswagen Passat, 2012-Up

KTX-UTB8, $299

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