Actiontec Bows zControl Home-Automation Controllers

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Las Vegas — Actiontec Electronics introduced its new zControl series of home-automation products earlier this month at International CES. The line is designed to help consumers to centrally manage their household electronics though the home network using Z-Wave technology.

Actiontec’s new zControl products are designed to help users control their electronics throughout the home.

zControl allows users to control all enabled devices such as lights, cameras, garage door openers and more through a common interface at home and also remotely by mobile phone or Internet-enabled TV or PC.

The unit is designed to automatically connect with the Z-Wave network with the push of one button. According to the company, the zControl editions that are to be integrated with Actiontec routers and gateways will also offer the same single-button setup for Wi-Fi and HomePlug devices.

The first generation of the product, the Actiontec zControl starter kit, is set to launch in February at a suggested $399. The kit will include a standalone unit that can connect to the home router, one indoor camera with motion detector, one lighting control module and a remote control.

According to the company, additional versions are expected to roll out in the first quarter that can be integrated into Actiontec’s wireless routers and DSL gateways for sale through service providers.

Actiontec also said it has plans to release a companion set-top box later in the year that will act as a media center with a TV interface and will be able to display photo albums and view home security-camera images on a TV screen.


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