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4:3, PDP Returns To Mitsubishi TV Line

Mitsubishi will begin delivery of its new DTV line this summer and fall, but the company elected not to announce delivery dates due to complications that arose after deliveries were delayed slightly in last year’s line.

Replacing the old analog line this year is the new 4:3 digital Silver Series. Models include the 50-inch VS-50111 ($2,1999 suggested) and the 60-inch VS-60111 ($2,499). Both allow 1080i full-screen HD and 810i letterboxed inside the conventionally configured 4:3 screen. Key features include 3D Y/C Motion-Adaptive comb filters and a “ColorTuned Diamond Shield.”

The Gold Series offers four models, all of which have the 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio. Included are two new screen sizes for the company — 42W-inch and 48W-inch. The 42W-inch ST-42311 ($2,199) features a compact cabinet design patterned after competitive direct-view 36-inch TVs.

Other models in the series include the 55W-inch WS-55311 ($2,899) and the 65W-inch WT-65311 ($3,399). The sets include all the features of the Silver Series plus a System 4 infrared control system.

The step-up Gold Plus Series includes three 16:9 models in the 55W-inch (WS-55411, $3,299), 65W-inch (WS-65411, $3,699) and 73W-inch (WS-73411, $7,299). The latter uses CRT guns with 9-inch optics. Key features include Quad Field Focus CRT control systems, five-layer IR remote and improved cosmetics.

Seven fully integrated HDTV sets are found in the Platinum, Platinum Plus and Diamond Series lines.

The Platinum Series includes the 48W-inch WS-48511 ($3,399), the 55W-inch WS-55511 ($3,799) and the 65W-inch WS-65511 ($4,299).

All offer the Gold Plus Series features plus an integrated third-generation ATSC tuner, and IEEE-1394 DTVLink-compliant interface with DTCP and HAVi. Also included is a second generation NetCommand networking system, and simultaneous HD content down-conversion to S-Video and composite video output for analog recording of digital content.

The 65W-inch WS-65611 ($4,799) is the lone Platinum Plus model, which adds improved audio reproduction with coaxial drivers, and enhanced cosmetics.

The Diamond Series features the 55W-inch WS-55711 ($5,999), the 65W-inch WS-65711 ($6,499) and the 73W-inch WS-73711 ($10,499). All include Platinum Plus features and antiglare Diamond shield, TruFocus Lens System, gold-plated connectors, two-way stereo speakers and high-gloss cabinetry.

New in DLP-based rear-projection TV systems is the 65W-inch WD-65100 ($17,500), which offers 720×1280 resolution, and simultaneous side-by-side computer and video display capability.

For D-VHS VCR, Mitsubishi will add the lower-priced HS-HD1100U ($749), carrying most of the features of the current HS-HD2000U ($1,049).

In DVD, Mitsubishi will offer three players ranging from $169-$329. The two step-up models feature progressive scan output. The top of the line unit adds six-channel DVD-Audio support and a six-channel AC-3 audio decoder and output.

Also offered are three analog VCRs including one four-head Hi-Fi VHS unit ($99) and two S-VHS models at $199 and $249.