3M Launches TV Energy Awareness Campaign

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St. Paul, Minn. - 3M's optical systems division has launched a consumer-awareness campaign to raise attention to household TV energy consumption and what to consider when purchasing an energy-efficient TV.

3M, which manufactures Vikuiti filter films used in some LCD TV panels to improve brightness, contrast and black level performance, among other things, is reminding consumers that as screen sizes get larger and consumers watch more television, energy consumption can increase.

The company pointed to a recent study that showed that with an average of two or more TVs per household turned on for a combined average of 8.2 hours per day, U.S. household TV energy consumption is expected to equal or surpass the amount of energy used to power refrigerators.

3M said the figure could double by 2030. 3M is telling consumers that the simplest way to look for an energy-efficient TV is to visit the Energy Star Web site and review the estimated annual power consumption for the TV set sizes consumers are interested in and look for the Energy Star label in stores.

"In the U.S., consumers lack awareness and knowledge about advancements in TV energy efficiency, and how the decisions they make when shopping for a new TV could greatly reduce their power bills and leave less of a carbon footprint on our planet. Moreover, it's also difficult for consumers to determine which TVs are the most energy efficient," stated Jim Bauman, 3M optical systems division VP. "Fortunately, today there is a wide range of energy efficient TV technologies available, allowing consumers to reduce energy consumption in their TVs without sacrificing picture quality."


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