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3J Piles On Utility With 3 Skype Phone Intros

3J Communications is introducing a variety of Skype-related phones during International CES.

The SkyPartner is a combo product that unites the 3J SP101 DECT phone with the 3J SP102 USB dongle that allows users to make both PSTN and Skype calls on the same phone. The dongle and DECT handset can be placed up to 150 feet apart, so making Skype calls can be done without being near a computer, the firm said.

The SP101 is an extremely versatile dual-function phone that makes regular PSTN calls (Public Switched Telephone Network) using DECT technology (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications), and in conjunction with the SP102 USB dongle, it provides Skype calls worldwide. It also includes Skype features such as voicemail, call forwarding and SkypeIn/SkypeOut services, the firm said.

The user can view their Skype contact’s status and profile, and can add or search their Skype friends on the unit’s 1.5-inch color handset screen. There are even separate call lists for both PSTN and Skype calls. For multiple users, the base can be registered for up to four handsets so that the unit can be used to make conference and local intercom calls, which can be done between two handsets, even while a third handset is maintaining a PSTN call.

The SkyPartner SP101 will have a suggested retail of $119 and will be available this month.

System requirements include an Internet connection (cable/DSL/other), a PC with 400MHz processor, 128MB RAM, one available USB connection (USB 2.0 or USB 1.1), 10MB hard disk with space available for installation, Windows XP/2000, Skype software installed on PC and a CD-ROM drive.

The 3J-W1D Skype phone that allows users to make calls remotely with a handset, or use a convenient speakerphone from its base, 3J said.

The 3J-W1D is a remote wireless Skype phone that is composed of one base and one handset. The base is a high-quality speakerphone ideal for conference calls. The handset has blue back-light graphic LCD. Both base and handset ring for incoming calls.

System requirements are Windows 2000 or XP, 400MHz processor and free USB1.1 or USB2.0 port, 128MB RAM and 15MB free disk space, any broadband connection. The 3J-W1D has a suggested retail of $79.95.

The SkyPro Embedded Skype phone with DECT allows users to make regular PSTN calls as well as Skype calls without the need to turn on their PC.

The 3J SkyPro includes such Skype features as voicemail, call forwarding and SkypeIn/SkypeOut services. System requirements are only a network cable connection for the broadband service and one RJ-11 phone jack.

The 3J SkyPro will have a suggested retail of $179 and be available this month.