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3-D Consortiums Team Up

San Jose, Calif. — The [email protected] Consortium and Korea’s 3D Fusion Industry Consortium (3DFIC) said Friday they have joined forces to further the development and adoption of 3-D technology in the home.

The alliance was to be given a formal send-off with a ceremony in Washington on Friday, attended by representatives of the Korean government and representatives of various consumer electronics manufacturers.

The groups said the partnership “will help facilitate the development of global standards that will lead to the successful commercialization of 3-D home entertainment products and content, including HDTVs, set-top boxes, optical disc players, movies, games and television programs.”

“Both the [email protected] Consortium and 3DFIC share a common goal of ensuring 3-D is successfully introduced and embraced by content creation community and consumers around the globe,” stated Rick Dean, [email protected] Consortium chairman. “Working together with the 3DFIC membership, we will tackle the technical challenges faced by artists and electronics manufacturers in transforming the vision of home 3-D into a reality.”

The partner organizations said they plan to establish joint workshops and exhibitions at industry conferences and other venues, and will co-develop educational resources for consumers and industry professionals to keep abreast about developments in home 3-D technology.

The two groups will also share research and information to encourage the development and validation of content-authoring processes, device test and measurement procedures, and principles and guidelines for interoperability.

More than 40 organizations from Asia, Europe and North America are members of [email protected], including board and leadership level companies Eutelsat, Intel, LG Electronics, Mitsubishi Electronics of America, Samsung, Sigma, Sony Electronics, Turner Broadcasting, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment and XpanD.

Members of the 3DFIC consist of leading Korean electronics manufacturers, including Samsung and LG Electronics.

The [email protected] Consortium said it has established formal liaison relationships with a number of standards bodies and other groups with related objectives.