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2015 Newsmakers of the Year

TWICE presents the 2015 Newsmakers of the Year. The editors have selected members of this year’s class based on a complex editorial algorithm encompassing the interest they generated, the changes they brought (or attempted to bring) to the market, and the effects they had on the overall technology industry.

John Legere: The Uncarrier’s Uncommon CEO

Marcelo Claure: The CEO Who Stanched The Bleeding

Eric Migicovsky: The Wearables World’s Game Changer

Taylor Swift: A Pop Princess And Her Fight For Fairness

Vincent Bruno: A Change At The Top In The Custom World

Carl Pei: The Smartphone Biz Gets A Disruptor

Lei Jun: A Steve Jobs Doppelganger In China?

Carly Fiorina: From Controversial CEO To Divisive GOP Candidate

Mark Fields: Accelerating The Future Of Cars

Neil Young: Swimming Against The Mainstream

Frank Wang: King Of The Drones

Jeff Bezos: Reaching Greater Heights

Satya Nadella: Opening Windows And Seeing Clouds

Simon Shen: Expanding 3D’s Base

Marc Lore: A Sucessful Flight Path

Hubert Joly: Building A Better Best Buy

Bob Abt: The House That Bob Built

Palmer Luckey: A Luckey Guy

Edward Lampert: The Billionaire On His 9th Retail Life

James Park; A David Outpacing The Wearables Goliaths

Sundar Pichai: Sometimes Nice Guys Finish First