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2010 Blu-ray Players Go Mainstream

NEW YORK — Blu-ray Disc players will
take the next step into the mainstream
this, as evidenced by a slate of new product
announcements from the recent
International CES.

Virtually all new models announced
by top tier manufacturers
now include broadband connectivity,
with some carrying built-in WiFi
access, as well as support for streaming
movie services and other interactive
widgets (or apps).

The following is list of new 2010 products
for some of the top-tier brands, including
recent pricing details:

LG Electronics

introduced for 2010 a trio
of LG Blu-ray players including the BD590
“media library” ($379 suggested retail)
featuring DLNA-compliant media streaming,
an integrated 250GB hard disc drive. It
is equipped with integrated WiFi access.
Users can stream movies from the
Vudu online service, and rip and
archive CD collections to the hard
drive using Music ID from Gracenote.
A USB 2.0 media host is also
included to display photos, play videos
and listen to MP3 files via USB devices.

The player also offers a sleek crystaledge

Model BD570 ($279 suggested retail) offers the same
feature package minus the hard disk drive.

The BD550 (pricing to be announced) Blu-ray Disc
player delivers the same basic features as the BD570
but omits integrated Wi-Fi support.

Additional features in all models include FullHD
1080p Blu-ray Disc playback, 1080p DVD up-scaling,
Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD advanced digital surround


introduced for 2010 its first Blu-ray player
with 1080p 3D playback support. Model DMP-BDT350
will conform to the new Blu-ray 3D spec to connect
with forthcoming 3D FullHD TVs, including Panasonic’s
new V-series plasma sets.

The company also introduced a pair of second-generation
portable Blu-ray Disc players — models DMPB100
and DMP-B500 (prices to be announced), which
both play back Blu-ray Discs, DVDs and CDs on the go,
or connected with TVs.

The B500 uses a 10.1-inch WSVGA screen, expanded
Viera Cast internet functionality with Wi-Fi wireless
LAN connection, an SD memory card slot for photos
and videos, a USB port, Dolby Digital and DTS HD.

The B100 features an 8.9-inch WSVGA adjustable
position screen, SD memory card slot for photos, and
Dolby Digital and DTS HD.

All of the new Blu-ray players feature PHL Reference
Chroma Processor Plus pixel-for-pixel image-processing
technology, the broadband access using the Viera
Cast platform with support for Netfl ix, Pandora, Twitter
and Fox Sports streaming content, in addition to Amazon
Video On Demand, YouTube, Picasa Web Albums,
Bloomberg and a weather channel.


recently introduced three stand-alone Bluray
players, including the BDP5110 (available in the fi rst
quarter at a $169 suggested retail), BDP5320 (available
in the fi rst quarter at $249) and BDP7320 (available in
the second quarter at $279).

The BDP5110 features broadband access support
for BD-Live (with optional 1GB add-on memory)
features plus access to streaming services from
Netfl ix and vTuner Internet Radio. It will play back in
up to 1080p/24p resolution, plays both CDs and DVDs,
and offers HDMI CEC multi-component interoperability
with one remote. Also supported is Deep Color
and x.v. Color, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby True HD and
DTS-HD, as well as AVCHD and DivX. It includes an
SD card slot.

The BDP5320 carries the same features plus builtin
Wi-Fi networking support with an included Wi-
Fi dongle.

The BDP7320 adds to the BDP5320 package a slim
cabinet design, DLNA support, 1GB SD card for BDLive
support and 7.1 analog audio outputs.


introduced four new Blu-ray players, including
the company’s first 3D-capable model. The
BD-C6900 will support FullHD 1080p 3D playback and
Internet connectivity.

All of the new players enable access to IPTV functions,
which Samsung will enhance with add-on apps
through a new app store.

The BD-C5500 (all prices are to be announced) offers
an eco-friendly design, requiring 13 watts in use and 0.1
watt in standby mode. It is Wi-Fi ready but lacks access
to Internet apps found in the step-up models.

The BD-C6500 features quick load speeds and a 15-
second boot-up time.

The BD-7500 measures just more than 1 inch high and
can be placed fl at on a tabletop, mounted on a wall or
mounted at a 25-degree angle. It offers a wood-style
fi nish, improved disc loading and boot-up times, up to
1080/24p resolution, playback at 24 fps and doesn’t do
any upconverting for an “au natural” fluid motion on
the screen.


revealed a slate of Blu-ray Disc products that
will be 3D-ready, including four stand-alone players
and a pair of home-theater systems with integrated
Blu-ray playback. All will be available at retailers starting
in March.

In all cases, support for 3D display on forthcoming
3DTV sets will require a firmware update, which will be
available for download this summer.

The stand-alone models include the BDP-S370 ($180
suggested retail), BDP-S470 ($200) and BDP-S570
($250), each of which is shipping to dealers now.

The two new Blu-ray home-theater systems are slated
for delivery in March and include the BDP-E570 ($550)
and BDP-E770W ($650).

Sony said all of the new players will support broadband
Internet connections for BD-Live feature playback,
as well as accessing streaming entertainment
content through the Bravia Internet Video platform.
The latter supports more than 25 service providers
including Netflix, Amazon Video On Demand, You-
Tube, Slacker Internet Radio, Pandora (starting this
spring), NPR, Sony Pictures and Sony Music.

New models also feature DVD up-conversion to
1080p, playback of both music CDs and SACDs, and
support for all advanced surround codecs including
DTS-Master Audio and Dolby True HD. Sony’s Entertainment
Database Browser using Gracenote technoltechnology
for topic browsing is also included.

Free apps to use iPhones and iPod Touch devices as
remote controls for the players will also be available.

The BDP-S570 features FullHD 1080p single-disc
playback, a new monolithic design to fit with new
Bravia TVs, noise reduction for Internet content,
built-in Wi-Fi access with Wi-Fi Protected Setup
(WPS), and photo/music/video playback via
USB and DLNA (with fi rmware update). The player
also includes 1GB of built-in memory for BDLive

The BDP-S470 and BDP-S370 have the same basic feature
assortment as the S570 but omit built-in Wi-Fi access
and 1GB of built-in memory.

Both new Blu-ray home-theater systems offer 1,000
watts of total power, BD-Live support with 1GB of builtin
memory, IP content noise reduction, and photo/music/
video playback via USB and DLNA (with fi rmware
update), plus most of the features of the S570.

The BDV-E770W includes integrated S-AIR wireless
rear speakers and is wireless LAN ready with the included
USB Wireless LAN adapter (802.11).

The BDV-E570 will be S-AIR ready for wireless rear
and wireless multi-room speakers, which are sold


used International CES to unveil three nextgeneration
Blu-ray Disc players slated for spring release,
including the company’s first 3D-ready model.

All three models include broadband connections and
support BD-Live functionality, as well as up to 1080p/
24 fps playback of Blu-ray titles and 1080p up-conversion
for standard DVDs.

Other common features include support for MP3
playback, HD-JPEGs, WMA files and AVCHD for home
Models are highlighted by the BDX3000 (pricing to
be announced), which offers Blu-ray 3D capability, a
new cosmetic design and a wide range of added features,
Toshiba said.

The BDX2500 ($199 suggested retail) is a “wireless
ready” model, which will enable use of an optional
Toshiba USB wireless dongle for connection to a
home wireless network.

The BDX2700 ($249) offers the same basic feature
package as the 2500, plus built-in wireless connectivity.