Brad Anderson In Hot Water Over Right-Wing Donation

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A $25,000 contribution to a right-wing political group has gotten former Best Buy CEO and vice chairman Brad Anderson in a heap of trouble. The organization, the American Public Media Group, advocated on behalf of Donald Trump's presidential campaign by running anti-Muslim social media, which Anderson said he was unaware of at the time of his 2016 donation. Rather, he was aligned with the group's support of Israel, and professed no ill-will toward Islam. Nonetheless, the brouhaha has led to his resignation from the boards of General Mills and Minnesota Public Radio. Anderson, who worked his way up from sales associate, is widely admired for his humanitarianism and charitable works.

"Former Best Buy CEO Brad Anderson has resigned from the boards of General Mills and Minnesota Public Radio less than a week after a public records watchdog group revealed that he had contributed $25,000 in 2016 to a group that mounted an anti-Muslim social media campaign to help elect Donald Trump president."  

See the full story at the Minneapolis StarTribune.


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