Xpand 3D Forms Home-Theater Unit


Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Xpand 3D has established a new home-theater division to sell its active-shutter 3D glasses.

The new division is led by Philippe Coissac, head of global home-theater sales, and its goal is to better serve the needs of systems integrators and home theater customers, the company said.

"Since our beginning, Xpand has been committed to providing the best and most technologically advanced 3D products to consumers, and 3D has become a major part of the home theater experience," said Maria Costeira, Xpand 3D CEO. "We saw that the time was right to create a dedicated home theater division to focus specifically on the requirements of dealers, custom installers and retailers who service the home-theater space. We are here to accommodate their needs, give them a direct line of communication and enable them to provide optimum 3D solutions to their customers."

Xpand cited its YOUniversal 3D glasses and AE125 IR emitter as its flagship products for high-performance home theaters. The YOUniversal glasses accommodate the fact that every person's eyes and facial structure is different, and that each wearer's viewing requirements and home-theater system are different. The glasses are available in a variety of colors, sizes and styles, and can be configured to communicate with infrared and radio frequency 3D systems.

The company's AE125 IR emitter is installed at the front of the theater room and aimed at the viewers, providing full coverage in domestic applications where bouncing the IR signal off the screen is impractical. The AE125 utilizes 56 high-power, wide-angle diodes and can be used by up to 50 people.


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