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WIN: $5,000 Donated To Dress For Success New Orleans By Women In Nationwide At PrimeTime

Gently used clothing and handbags also donated by PrimeTime attendees

At its inaugural event at PrimeTime in New Orleans, over 200 WIN: Women in Nationwide attendees contributed $5,000 along with gently used clothing and handbags to help Dress For Success New Orleans.

Dress for Success is an organization that provides women with professional attire and career development tools to help them secure employment and achieve economic independence.

“Dress for Success New Orleans serves over 400 women each year, many coming in for Interview Suitings, then returning once they gain employment,” explained Brianna Reddeman, director of programs for Dress for Success New Orleans in a statement. “On average, it costs us about $100 to outfit one woman for an interview and $500 to prepare a woman for a new career. Thanks to WIN: Women in Nationwide’s generous $5,000 donation, we are able to help even more women lift themselves and their families out of poverty, by providing the confidence and tools they need to take that next step. More than half of our clients are single mothers and heads of their household, so by helping one woman become financially independent, you’re also helping her children, family, and those that rely on and look to her for support and inspiration.”

“The core mission of WIN is to support and encourage women to step into leadership roles within our industry, but we also want to support organizations in our communities that share our mission,” says Jennifer Danko, vice president of technology at Site on Time, a Nationwide Marketing Group company, and a founding member of WIN in a statement. “Dress for Success does an amazing job of encouraging women in the workplace by providing clothing and development tools that can build confidence. I can’t think of a better organization to partner with and support as part of our inaugural event in New Orleans.”

In addition to the donations, WIN attendees enjoyed a humorous and inspirational presentation from Jody Urquhart, author of All Work & No Say, and learned from a panel discussion that featured Amy Gardner, sales director for Whirlpool Corporation; Velicia Sutton, vice president and relationship manager for Wells Fargo CDF; Missy Hodges, vice president of appliance merchandising for Nationwide Marketing Group; and Lisa Jessup, executive director of Nationwide Florida.

To learn more or join the group, visit the Women in Nationwide (WIN) Facebook page at

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