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TWICE Picks: Where Are They Now? HP Z 3D Camera

Now being used by manufacturers to see how products will look on retail shelves

This ongoing series highlights previous winners in the TWICE Picks Awards, our annual program recognizing outstanding products exhibited at CES. Winners are selected by TWICE editors. 

Last year’s TWICE Picks winner, the HP Z 3D camera caught our eye for its distinct down-firing design — able to create 3D digital images while taking up a minimal amount of desktop space.

Users can even hold an object in their hand and the camera will use its SLAM (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping) technology to generate the image.

Last week, HP shared with us that Deckers — makers of such shoe brands as Ugg and Teva — now use the cameras to create prototypes of their shoes. As a result, Deckers has been able to drastically cut prototype production. 

The company has also extended use of the cameras to see how the products will look on retail store shelves before they’re put into full production.

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