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New Owners For Puro Sound Labs

Founder Dave Russell’s daughters to continue providing safe hearing solutions to kids and adults worldwide

Puro Sound Labs, the world’s leading manufacturer of premium, safe children and adult headphones, recently announced a change in ownership with founder and CEO Dave Russell’s daughters, Ashley Warnicki, Christina Russell and Nicole Russell continuing his legacy of providing safe hearing for all.

“As a parent who is conscious of my children’s hearing health, especially when it comes to sensory-related sensitivities, I can think of no greater joy than knowing Puro Sound Labs will continue to provide noise protection under the guidance of Ashley, Christina, and Nicole” said Russell in a statement.

(Left to Right) Christina Russell, Ashley Warnicki and Nicole Russell new owners of Puro Sound Labs.

Established in 2014, Puro Sound Labs is dedicated to fighting the growing epidemic of Noise-Induced Hearing Loss by providing healthy, affordable, high-quality listening products. Original founder Dave Russell learned that his youngest daughter, Nicole, had developed Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) with doctors identifying her headphone’s excessive volume as the likely cause.

Without a safe alternative to the damaging headphones on the market, Dave set out to create the solution. Puro Sound Labs has since created the world’s only studio-grade Bluetooth headphone that puts the safety of one’s hearing first. Puro Sound Labs is committed to building awareness and the pursuit of reducing the impact of NIHL by developing new products and technologies to provide a solution to this growing epidemic.

“While Puro Sound Labs was founded from my personal experience with Noise-Induced Hearing Loss, Ashley, Christina and I are excited to move into the future with fresh ideas on inclusion to provide great sound with safety and comfort for all,” added Nicole Russell.

Puro Sound Labs PuroCalm Noise-Reducing Kids Earmuffs

Under the new ownership, Puro Sound Labs will continue to work with KultureCity, including hearing protection in over 150+ major entertainment venues in KultureCity’s Sensory Inclusion bags. The PuroCalm sound-isolating earmuffs, for instance, are tailored to provide 27dB of safe, comfortable, broad-spectrum noise reduction to protect from harmful noises in loud or disruptive environments, or where limiting distraction is needed.

Especially designed and sized for children ages 1 to 92 years old, PuroCalm earmuffs feature heavily padded, rotatable and foldable ear pads that offer travel convenience and added comfort. PuroCalm earmuffs, which have a list price of $29.99 are for sale at and They are available in pink and green.

For every pair that Puro Sound sells, an additional pair will continue to be donated to KultureCity.

To learn more about Puro Sound Labs, visit

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