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Newegg Offers Support To Southern California Workers Displaced By Recent Fry’s Electronics Closure

E-tailer’s in-house staffing agency, Newegg Staffing, also actively recruiting for outplacement roles

Newegg, one of the leading tech-focused e-retailers in North America, is offering support to workers in the greater Los Angeles area displaced by the recent closure of Fry’s Electronics. Newegg currently has dozens of open positions in its City of Industry headquarters.

Additionally, the company’s in-house staffing agency, Newegg Staffing, is actively recruiting for outplacement roles at local businesses, including temporary, permanent and seasonal positions. All told, Newegg has hundreds of roles available for immediate hire or placement, many of which are ideally suited to former employees of Fry’s Electronics.

“We realize that with Fry’s shutting down, many people now find themselves looking for their next career opportunity, and we want to do what we can to help transition those individuals into new roles,” said Jamie Spannos, Newegg’s Global Chief Operating Officer in a statement. “We want to do our part to serve the community by helping connect former Fry’s employees with their next job, whether that means working with us here at Newegg, or finding roles elsewhere via our in-house staffing agency.”

Opportunities at Newegg

Newegg is currently hiring for more than 65 corporate office positions at its headquarters alone. Opportunities are available in all business functions, including Finance, Human Resources, IT & Web Management, Marketing, Operations, Sales, Product Management, Customer Service and E-Commerce Merchandising. Visit for more information about available roles.

Outplacement via Newegg Staffing

Newegg Staffing is a full-service agency offering a full range of staffing solutions to the logistics, manufacturing, clerical and supply chain management industries. Newegg Staffing serves companies of all sizes in different industries, with opportunities ranging from direct hires and temporary roles to executive positions and seasonal help. Newegg Staffing is currently sourcing more than 100 positions in Southern California. Visit to learn more about job placement via Newegg Staffing.

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