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MTX Taps Industry Vet McLeod

Phoenix – MTX Audio tapped industry veteran Dan McLeod as national mobile audio sales manager to expand MTX’s brick and mortar retail base.

McLeod was Rockford’s sales director and has more than 30 years of experience in the 12-volt industry.

McLeod will work with national sales manager Jason Fickas, former Clarion sales director, to expand the company’s retail base. Fickas will also continue to manage national and international accounts as well as expand MTX’s presence in the motorsports category, the company said. Mike Roberts, SVP of corporate sales, and former SiriusXM retail sales and marketing VP, will continue to focus on OEM sales in the car and residential markets. 

Earlier this year, MTX launched an effort to sign up retailers through a traditional direct-sales program to complement the cloud commerce program launched in 2013. Under the letter program, brick-and-mortar dealers stock no inventory but instead place orders through a dealer portal on MTX then ships the order direct to the consumer or to the store. MTX also sells direct to consumers on its website at the same price.

 When a purchase is made through a dealer, the dealer gets a commission check.

The program also includes a unilateral pricing policy (UPP).

 MTX has promoted the program as reducing dealer and supplier costs, stemming discounting because dealers don’t have to discount to clear out inventory, and capturing customers who might otherwise be lost to showrooming. MTX also reduced product prices by 40 percent.

Earlier this year, MTX added a more traditional retail program, though without distributors and independent reps, because it said its products were no longer widely discounted on the Internet and retailers could achieve reliable margins.

MTX founder and CEO Loyd Ivey “has taken some very bold steps over the last two years that have positioned the brand to offer competitive advantages over other manufacturers in the marketplace,” said McLeod. “I look forward to working with retailers and showing them how MTX can both offer incredibly reliable products that customers want and put more money in their pockets while doing it.”