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CES 2023: Stellantis Reveals Dodge Ram and Peugeot Concept EVs

Enabling human connections while maintaining access to clean, safe, and affordable mobility

The Peugeot Inception Concept Photo credit: Future

If you love concept cars, CES is the place for you. Carlos Tavares, Stellantis CEO whetted the appetites of car lovers by rolling out two stunning concept EVs during his CES 2023 keynote on Thursday afternoon in Las Vegas.

“Innovation is fast and furious at Stellantis, and fresh ideas are coming to us at speeds we have not seen in the past,” said Tavares. “Customers want simplicity. We know there’s too much friction between our customers and the tech in cars today. We are pushing towards more simple, intuitive ergonomics where customers will complete all tasks with one glance, and one click.”

Stellantis’s focus on enabling human connections while maintaining access to clean, safe, and affordable mobility is the top priority as the company pushes into the future of EVs and software. “We want to improve how people move, socialize, shop and entertain themselves,” added Tavares. “Working side-by-side with our partners to provide freedom of mobility, we will succeed–thanks to our uniqueness.”

Tavares also affirmed the company’s bold commitment to be the first in their sector to achieve carbon net zero emissions by 2038 by executing their “Dare Forward” plan, a blueprint for providing cutting-edge, cleaner possibilities.

The first concept car to grace the stage, the Peugeot Inception Concept’s smooth curves accentuated with sharp angles in the rear showed what automated luxury driving could be.

“The world is better with allure,” purred Linda Jackson CEO of Peugeot. “And that means a future that is attractive, tech-forward and always human-centric. More than a concept, Inception is, like its name suggests, the start of something new, of something big. The start of our next generation of electric Peugeots hitting the road in 2026.”

Mike Koval, Ram Brand CEO, introduced the Ram 1500 Revolution battery-electric pickup truck concept, an EV truck that gives truck fans a vision of what Ram’s production model could offer when it launches in 2024. Some of the stand-out features include removable third-row jump seats, an electro-chromatic glass roof that has adjustable levels of opaqueness, and the ability to haul materials inside the truck up to 18 feet in length with the tailgate closed. The Ram Revolution takes a bold step forward into the somewhat crowded arena of EV trucks to come over the next few years.

“In an era where more work is being performed beyond the confines of a conventional office, the RAM Revolution is a corner office that rolls quietly onto the job site,” said Koval.

As if two concept cars and other EV power and innovations weren’t enough for one keynote, Tavares closed the presentation by teasing Archer, Stellantis’s foray into urban aircraft, with a video showing a twelve-propellered concept craft hovering over a landing pad.

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