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Samsung’s New Washers And Dryers Use AI To Clean Your Clothes More Efficiently

The new 8800 Series can clean dirty clothes in under an hour

Samsung 8800 Series (Image credit: Samsung)

At CES 2021, Samsung announced a new series of front-load washers and dryers that use artificial intelligence to reduce the time it takes to clean your clothes.

The new models are part of the Samsung 8800 Series that sit near the top of the 2021 range and will be the only models to use the new AI-powered Optiwash mode.

The way it works, says Samsung, is that sensors inside the washing machine can tell how much dirt and grime is left on the clothes while they’re washing, and then adjust the amount of detergent, rinse cycles and spin cycles needed to complete the cleaning.

Similarly, the matching front-load dryer has a new mode called Super Speed Drying that takes into account how damp the clothes are and can start the cooling process as soon as clothes are dry without going through the whole cycle.

Combine the new Optiwash feature and the new Super Speed Drying tech of the 8800 Series’ dryer and Samsung says your entire load of clothes can be done in under an hour.

Smarter appliances to match the rest of your house

While Samsung and other manufacturers release new washers and dryers every year, it’s rare to see big new innovations in the category. That’s starting to change thanks to the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) revolution, however, and it seems like every year since 2017 we’ve gotten smarter appliances that match the feature sets of TVs and phones.

If you’ve been paying attention to Samsung’s keynotes at CES in years past, you’ve probably heard them mention IoT before in regards to their smart refrigerators and TVs, but this is one of the first smart washers and dryers we’ve seen from the company.

Before now, it’s been hard to get excited about washers and dryers – but as they get smarter and more integrated into your digital life, this staple tech category might just be on the verge of a big popularity boost.

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