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AVidea Bringing $150 Safe Zone Gunfire Detection System To CES 2019

Designed to dramatically reduce communication time with first responders

AVidea Group will bring its Safe Zone Gunfire Detector to CES 2019, designed to analyze active shooter situations and automatically communicate with first responders, school administrators, parents and other key personnel.

Priced at $149, the system is said to combine IR and sound-detection technologies with machine learning, analyzing more than 3,000 data points of a loud noise exceeding ambient levels. The Wi-Fi-enabled 3-inch device mounts in a ceiling corner and provides gunfire detection for an area of up to 9,000 feet.

In instances of sudden increases in noise or light level, the detector will record a full second of data. If an IR flash or sound is more than 10dB louder than ambient noise, detectors send the captured acoustic and IR signals to Safe Zone’s Cloud system for analyzing.

The system is able to filter false alarms like car backfires, firecrackers or balloons popping, the company noted.

Safe Zone president Mike Anderson said the system can respond within 10 seconds to an active shooter situation vs. the average of five minutes for police to be notified by someone on scene.

By utilizing the data from multiple detectors simultaneously, the system determines the location of shots fired, the number of shots, and the type and caliber of gun being used. An alert is then sent to Public Safety Access Points in the appropriate dispatch center.

“In an active shooter situation, saving minutes saves lives,” Anderson said in a statement. “Existing gunfire detection systems are limited in functionality and are prohibitively expensive for many locations, so we knew we could build something better and far more affordable that would save more lives. Now with the Safe Zone Gunfire Detector, every institution from schools to small businesses and hotels can ensure the fastest possible law enforcement response to an active shooter situation.”

The device can also notify users of the Safe Zone smartphone app and those on dedicated email and text message lists, and can be connected to third-party alarm, surveillance, door lock and mass notification systems.

Safe Zone will be exhibiting in the Stampede booth, 25708 in South Hall 2.

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