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CES 2016: Klaxoon Looks To Turn U.S. Work Space On Its Head

Klaxoon is showcasing at CES 2016 an interactive training solution that aims to disrupt the work space in the U.S. The cross-device platform is a collection of tools that facilitate interactivity, helping employees in businesses and educational institutions share knowledge and support learning on a daily basis. 

Klaxoon touts its product as the world’s first collaboration and learning solution with dedicated connectivity. Its hardware solution, the Klaxoon Box, a CES 2016 Innovation Award Honoree, provides total autonomy holding everything needed for a successful collaboration session inside. An extension of KlaxoonCloud, Klaxoon’s SaaS platform, KlaxoonBox ensures everyone can access Klaxoon everywhere whether online or offline.

Klaxoon Session allows users to simply plug in their content and be ready to offer simple, playful and effective activities to a group, including quizzes, surveys, challenges, brainstorming activities or live messaging. Designed to be used by two to 1,000 participants, Klaxoon Session and its activities are a 100 percent responsive mobile-first solution.

Klaxoon Adventure gives users the opportunity to develop content for game sessions that allow employees to compete against one another by answering questions about the content. Klaxoon Reports captures and saves all of the information from a session. The knowledge and informational exchanges from a meeting can then be easily shared with all participants and called up for future reference.

Klaxoon is accessible from any smartphone, tablet or laptop running any OS, and requires no installation. Pricing and availability will be announced at the show.

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