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Watch List

The Watch List is an ongoing series that focuses on CE start-ups reaching out to consumers via crowdfunding and other non-traditional methods.

The Freiya smart watering can, developed by a company with the same name, features motionsensing technology that can track when a plant is watered. Built-in Bluetooth will notify your smartphone when it’s time for a plant to be watered or fertilized.

At press time, Kickstarter backers could pledge $79 for one Freiya, said to be $40 off the future suggested retail price.

Selling point: The accompanying app will incorporate such info as temperature and weather data to adjust watering schedules accordingly.

Just as its moniker indicates, the Gas-Sense is a gas-container monitor. The sensor uses thermal technology to identify the height of the surface of the liquid, according to George Edwards, the device’s creator. Although it’s being developed in London, U.S. Kickstarter backers can pick up one for approximately $30.

Selling point: The accompanying smartphone app for this device will notify users when supply is running low, as well as learn usage habits to predict the time remaining.

Smart Peephole/Door Bell
This two-part device features a Wi-Fi camera that mounts to a door and a door bell that mounts to a power outlet. Kickstarter backers can receive both parts for $119; a $99 pledge provides just the camera.

Selling point: The camera slips into a standby mode when it’s not in use, so the battery needs to be charged just twice a year, according to its developer, Iman Rezanezhad Gatabi.