Some Advantages To DTV Transition Delay

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My opinion to the contrary, it now looks like the nation’s full-on switch from analog to all digital television transmission will be delayed until June 12.  It’s just a matter of the Senate and the House aligning their respective versions of a postponement bill for which President Obama has already indicated his support.

Visitors to this blog know I would have preferred to get on with it to avoid confusion and start reaping more of the benefits of the digital age. But I do see some advantages to a four-month delay. 

First, the federal government can replenish its supply of $40 converter-box discount coupons for those consumers who held off asking for them until just recently.  

And second, there are segments of the population who rely on free over-the-air television, including people with low incomes, the elderly and new arrivals to this country, who may just now becoming familiar with this issue.

So while I would like to see the DTV transition happen sooner rather than later, I acknowledge that the most important thing is to get it right for as many Americans as possible. 


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