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McIntosh’s Innovative ‘Trade-UP’ Effort

Everyone talks about “commodity electronics” or worse, “disposable electronics.” But what D&M Holdings’ McIntosh brand is doing is refreshing news to me. McIntosh is extending its “Trade-UP” consumer incentive program through Sept. 30. The program gives owners of all McIntosh amplifiers “regardless of the product’s age” (McIntosh’s italics) to upgrade their current McIntosh models to newer models.

Consumers can visit participating McIntosh dealers and trade in any McIntosh Multi-Channel, 2-Channel or Monoblock Amplifier and receive 75 percent of its original price toward a brand new current model. All trade-ins must be functional and maintain their original design to qualify, the company said.

Bob Weissburg, president of D&M Holdings North America, said in a statement today, “At a time when the consumer electronics marketplace is crowded with many brands competing with declining average selling prices, McIntosh continues to stand apart in creating high-performance luxury products that not only stand the test of time, but actually retain, and often even increase in value. People are bringing in their beautifully functioning 20- and 30-year old McIntosh amplifiers to our dealers across the country and ‘trading up’ for newer models, literally proves this point.”

Granted, only a upscale, luxury line like McIntosh could do this type of promo, but this effort not only reemphasizes the quality of the brand, it brings consumers back to retailers’ stores where there should be an opportunity to sell these loyal consumers something else along with the new McIntosh amplifiers. Other upscale brands can and should take a look at this effort.

Kudos to all involved in this innovative promotion.