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Kodak: Film Not Dead

Interesting article by Matthew Daneman in the Rochester Democrat about Kodak’s film business:

All Kodak’s film capture products are in decline, “but all are profitable,” Proegler said. “The only problem we have is we’re getting smaller.”

Much of that profitability came as Kodak did its massive, four-year restructuring that largely wrapped up in 2007, taking out costs well beyond what the company needed to at the time, building in future declines in film, Proegler said.

The revamped and new film lines are aimed at helping keep the film customers the company still has, Proegler said. “We’re not walking away from film,” he said. By coming out with new or improved film products, “it gives people the incentive to continue to use film,” he said. “If we acted like film was going away, we kind of influence it.”