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The High-Rolling CE Lifestyle

The Mercury News has gotten its hands on Fry’s Ausaf Siddiqui’s casino requests:

“Fiji water, grouped in bottles of three. Golden raisins and warmed mixed nuts. Aramis cologne and badger hair shaving brush. Lint-free towels. Dom Perignon Rose champagne and Kurosawa Sake in the fridge. And never, under any circumstances, approach him from behind.

If they didn’t want to face Mr. S’s wrath, maids knew to arrange bowls of Glitterati Mentissimo peppermints adorned with a single rose throughout his suite, and to stock his shower with Nioxin shampoo for “fine and thinning hair.” White vases were a no-no — he considered them bad luck”.

He even, apparently, specified the exact proportion of cotton and polyester he required in his socks.