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Google TV Continues To Change

It was an interesting week for the future of the Google TV platform.

In separate public disclosures, Logitech’s chairman and acting CEO Guerrino De Luca told an analysts meeting that the company made a “big mistake” in the way it introduced the then $300 Google TV set-top box called Revue, and wouldn’t be making a second-generation model after current inventories are depleted.

He did not, however, rule out the possibility of introducing another connected TV product in the future, and added that future iterations of GoogleTV software has the potential to be a very disruptive technology for the industry.

He reportedly attributed the failure of the Revue system to incomplete software that amounted to a beta product release, although the company invested heavily to support the rollout.

Since the rollout a year ago, the company slashed prices several times to its current $99 asking price.

This month the Google also said it is releasing version 2.0 of the Google TV software platform, which is intended to simplify the user interface for users and apps developers, alike.

At a separate event, Sony chairman and CEO Howard Stringer, whose company launched an integrated Google TV-powered TV line at the same time as Logitech’s Revue, reportedly said Sony is now planning a different kind of TV set to rival anything Apple may or may not be planning to release in the year ahead.

Stringer did not go into specifics on what the TV is or how it will operate, but indicated it would be different from what is available today.

Also this week, Bloomberg reported that LG Electronics may be prepping a Google TV-based HDTV to launch at the 2012 International CES.