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DTV Deadline Slips Under 130 Days

New figures released by the National Telecommunications and Information Association (NTIA) tallied further progress in the race to prepare for the analog TV cutoff slated for Feb. 17, 2009.

As of Oct. 1, the number of approved households that have applied for TV converter box coupons has risen to 15,556,245, out of 29,166,374 requested. A total of 27,485,002 coupons have been mailed and 8,853,848 have expired. Approximately 11.2 million coupons have been redeemed, leaving 7,383,382 still active.

There were 130,073 average daily orders for coupons taken last week, the NTIA said, and 117,170 average daily orders over last 30 days. The number of participating retailers carrying coupon-eligible boxes is 2,395 across 29,652 locations.

There are seven national, 35 online and 12 telephone retailers selling converter boxes, the NTIA said. For a complete listing or to search for local retailers, visit

According to the NTIA, eight new coupon-eligible converter boxes were approved during the week ending Oct. 4, bringing the total to 175. There are 73 certified converter boxes, of which 39 can pass through analog signals, now available in retail stores.

The NTIA’s registry of DTV converters lists 102 certified converter boxes, of which 60 can pass through analog signals, not yet available in retail stores.

Some other figures to ponder: 93 percent of full-power TV stations, or 1,631 out of 1,759, are broadcasting in digital today. Approximately 70 million TV sets are at risk of losing their signals.

Approximately 19.6 million households receive over-the-air signals exclusively in their homes, and 14.9 million households have secondary over-the-air TV sets in their bedrooms or kitchens