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Dial "O" For Obama

There are areas I’d always hoped would remain a “politics-free zone.” My bathroom, any sporting event and my cellphone, but thanks to the latest third-party software for the iPhone, a hardcore Democrat can now turn his mobile device into a “political rallying tool.”

According to an AFP report:

“Obama ‘08: The Official iPhone Application,” available at Apple’s online App Store on Friday, gives users ‘the tools you need to make an impact and stay in the know,’ according to the campaign.”

The software, which also can be downloaded onto an iPod Touch, lets Obamaphiles do two things. First, it scans the user’s digital phone book to search for friends located in states where Obama needs support. It can then tie that info to a GPS application that locates the nearest Obama campaign office.

And, finally, it has the required Donate button so you can give to the campaign while you are waiting in the restroom during the sporting event of your choice.

In an effort at fair play, John McCain