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Command Performance

iRoom’s elegant docking stations create the perfect place for an entertainment and whole-home automation hub

Back in 2011, iRoom debuted the first in-wall iPad docking station. It was called the iDock and gave residential and commercial control installations more flexibility when the iPad was part of the control system.

The company, not surprisingly, was founded by a custom installer who had an electrical engineering degree, Marc Hofer.

“When the first iPad came out,” said Chris Lehnen, general manager of iRoom, “Marc had one of those light bulb moments where he realized you could use the iPad as a control interface. He came up with the idea for a dock that not only housed and charged the iPad, but allowed you to remove it from the wall and move around with it.”

Today, the Salzburg, Austria-based company is a global Apple-certified manufacturer of smart home control solutions and accessories with more than
65,000 iRoom docking stations installed across the globe in over 90 countries.

And just as Apple continues to transform itself and its product lineup, so does iRoom with its latest offerings. For instance, its new touchDock mini, the same as the other touchDock models but smaller, is compatible with the iPad mini-Gen 4, 5 and 6.

Also new is iRoom’s Dynamic Sensor Package built-in for room temperature, humidity, light, and air quality. A user can immediately see the sensor status on iRoom’s iPad dashboard. Even older models are able to upgraded.

While there are other docks in the marketplace, Lehnen shares the ways that iRoom is different than its competitors. “Number one is aesthetics,” he said. “Everything is made out of glass and aluminum just like the iPad so it’s high-end and meant to go in nice spaces.”