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CE History Repeating Itself In N.Y. Market

As this tumultuous year draws to a close I have been reminded how history always repeats itself. Yet another prominent retailer is in its death throes, circling the drain as I type.

There have been countless numbers of hucksters and snake-oil salesmen who have planted their flag in the New York metro market over the past 40 years. The Northeast seems to attract them the way they were drawn south after the Civil War.

What has never ceased to amaze me is that even after these individuals commit murder and mayhem to brands and consumers, vendors easily turn the other cheek, hold their noses and anoint these very same people the new messiah.

I take no joy in seeing anyone take a hit and Lord knows I did penance for other people’s sins in the ’90s. But this time the acolytes are getting their just desserts. The next time you hear a story that is too good to be true, stop and go talk to the dealers who have been loyal, supportive and never screwed you.

Remember, history repeats itself!

Franklin Karp, a longtime CE veteran, is COO of Audio Video Systems, based in Plainview, N.Y.