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Cablevision’s Tasteless Telemarketing

Two days ago I attended a wake. During the wake my cellphone rang (well, buzzed actually.) I couldn’t answer the first call, but shortly thereafter it rang again. “Must be important,” I thought, ducking out of the room.

It turned out to be a Cablevision telemarketer trying to rope me into the triple play. Fair enough. I told the rep that I wasn’t interested in the triple play and in any event, I was at a wake.

“I understand that,” he said, “but I’ll have you off the phone in five minutes saving money on your long-distance bills.”

Whenever I’m at a funeral home, I try to keep the vulgarities to a tasteful minimum, so I didn’t blow up on the guy. But really, what kind of person hears and digests the fact that you’re at a wake and then still proceeds to try and sell you something?*

(*Other than the staff at the funeral home.)