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B&W Dada Baby Speakers Still In Demand

Some people collect vintage phonographs, radios, and phones, like me (because of the CE-industry segments that I’ve covered over the years).

Some people collect vintage speakers, and at least one of those collectors successfully bid in an online auction for a pair of rare 6-inch-tall Dada Baby speakers. The pair went for $3,277, according to a syndicated antiques column by Terry Kovel. Only 100 pairs were made in 1996 by Bowers & Wilkins and the painter and sculptor Dadara, and half are said to have been lost in a fire.

The auctioned speakers were marked on the bottom with the words “Dada Baby Art by B&W, Handmade by Blueroom Loudspeakers.”

The speakers feature B&W’s signature round speaker housing, in place of the babies’ heads, to improve imaging and reduce high-frequency distortion. The wires to each speaker plug into the speakers’ belly buttons, making the wires look like umbilical cords. The heads rotate to control dispersion.

The speakers were made in five colors.

Can anyone out there add some more color to this post? Can anyone vouch for their performance? We’d like to hear from you.