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Apple iTV Musings Worth Mentioning

Two items about the much-awaited-but-never-seen Apple iTV appeared this week. And while I am usually loathe to pass along another’s reporting, they do at least provide food for thought if nothing else.

The first is from The Verge and deals with a survey from Best Buy, which is reportedly no longer available on the retailer’s site, asking its customers of an interest in an Apple 42-inch 1080p LED display with a $1499 price tag. That makes it an interesting, but a very pricey 42-inch TV given the current market.

The second is a blog from Brier Dudley of the Seattle Times, commenting on a Globe and Mail report out of Canada. The Canadian report said Apple is working with two Canadian phone companies to sell the iTV like smartphones. As Dudley put in his blog, “Apple could be repositioning the TV as a hardware device that’s purchased in tandem with a contract for broadband service, similar to the way its smartphone was initially only available with a data plan.”

The question Dudley poses is will consumers want to bundle a TV hardware purchase with broadband service?

As I mentioned, both pieces make for thought-provoking reading.