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Adobe’s Web of Distribution

Adobe plans to embed some of its video editing software on popular digital media Web-sites, starting with Photobucket, in the hopes of driving more sales of its core products.

The company’s first partner is Photobucket, a free image and video hosting Web-site that claims to have 35 million users. In March site will offer Adobe’s Web-based video remix, and editing technology. It launches directly in a browser on Photobucket’s Web site and lets the site’s users edit and otherwise spruce up videos of, well, whatever it is people take videos of.

The idea is to entice users with some of the core functionality of their flagship Premiere editing program in the hopes they’ll pay-up or, in Adobe’s words, “follow the smooth upgrade path” to their pay-for programs. It is a strategy Adobe said they will be employing with other Internet companies in the coming months.