CEA/CNET Poll Shows Bullish CE Gift Support

By Steve Smith On Oct 24 2005 - 6:00am

CEA also surveyed early adopters for the first time via the CEA/CNET TechFirst Holiday Survey, which contacted 2,000 members of the online group during September, measuring intended gift purchases during the season.

As one would expect, the TechFirst group was even more bullish about buying CE products for gifts during the holiday season than the total population. For instance CE gifts will account for 42 percent of all gifts that group buys and they will spend $208 per household on CE gifts, both of which are double that of the general population. The CEA/CNET TechFirst survey was also released at the CEA Industry Forum last week.

In the Top 10 TechFirst Gifts, starting with No. 1, are portable MP3 players, digital cameras, internal PC upgrades, video game systems and home networking devices. (Check the TechFirst chart on this page in comparison to the general CEA Annual Holiday Survey that appears on p. 1.)

Among the major differences in popularity between the two lists, 57 percent said they were likely to buy a portable MP3 player as a gift vs. 28 percent in the CEA Annual Holiday Survey, 45 percent for digital cameras (vs. 28 percent in the general survey), and 28 percent will buy an HDTV in the TechFirst group (vs. 16 percent for the CEA poll).

The organization also polled parents for what they and their children would want as gifts. When adult consumers were asked what they wanted most, CE products followed behind peace, happiness and good health. However, when asked what their kids wanted most, respondents listed CE products first with video games leading the inventory.

Top 10 TechFirst Gifts
1. Portable MP3 Player6. DVD Recorder
2. Digital Camera7. Cellular Phone
3. Internal PC Upgrade8. Mass Storage Device
4. Video Game System9. Portable Game Device
5. Home Networking Devices10. Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
Source: CEA ©TWICE 2005

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