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Velodyne Adds Wireless Kit For Subwoofers

8/10/2011 04:01:08 PM Eastern

Hill, Calif. - Active-subwoofer supplier Velodyne
introduced a wireless system that turns any brand of active subwoofer into a
wireless subwoofer.

$169 WiConnect System consists of a 2.4GHz transmitter and receiver with a
50-foot range. Users connect the transmitter into the line-level or LFE output
jack of an A/V receiver. The WiConnect receiver in turn connects to the
subwoofer's input.

transmitter sends signals to up to four receivers, allowing
for the installation of up to four subwoofers in a sound system.

company already offers a subwoofer with included wireless. That model, the $399
features a wireless range of up
to 50
feet, 10-inch driver
and 125-watt RMS power output.

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